40 Plus Years of Custom Molding Services40 Plus Years of Custom Molding Services

Q-Cast offers complete custom molding services, including:

  • Design Services
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Production

Innovative Molding Design

We have a skilled team of engineers to help you take your product from concept to production. This includes advising on design and materials based on product application and environment.

Short Runs and Prototypes

Once your design has been vetted and approved, we are able to offer short runs and prototypes so you can evaluate and validate your product before full production. This critical step minimizes waste and helps to provide production samples for future R&D and marketing efforts.

Custom Mold Tooling Services

As part of our full molding service offerings, we are able to produce custom tooling for our customers. This includes developing mold design for a wide variety of molding processes, including injection, transfer, compression and open cast molding. We take pride in our in-house ability to produce everything from small precision tooling to large prototype tooling through our machine and fabrication processes. This allows us to be a true one-stop shop for nearly all mold manufacturing services.

Molding Production

In order to ensure the right solution to our customers, we offer 4 unique production molding processes:

  •        Compression Molding
  •        Open Cast Molding
  •        Injection Molding
  •        Transfer Molding

Compression Molding

Compression molding is ideal for lower volume production runs involving parts and products that require extreme hardness such as bulky parts, O-rings, gaskets and seals. Among the benefits of compression molding are the minimal amounts of production scrap and eliminating the need for machine finishing. It can be used with polyurethane, rubber or silicone.

Open Cast Molding

Open cast molding is ideal for all production levels of all hardness and size, when design or quantity don’t justify the cost of injection mold tooling (e.g. market testing or trade show/marketing presentations). One of the greatest benefits of open cast molding is the speed of production (first production parts can typically be run weeks before production tooling is complete).

Injection Molding

Thanks to its repeatability, injection molding is ideal for mass-producing parts in large volumes. Among the benefits of injection molding are the low scrap rates, the ability to create detailed features and typically a product that does not require additional machining.

Transfer Molding

Finally, transfer molding is ideal for all levels of production cycles. The benefits of transfer molding include the design flexibility (it allows for sharper edges), short production cycles and the elimination of the need for machine finishing processes. It can be used with polyurethane, rubber or silicone.

As you can see, Q-Cast maintains expertise across a wide range of services and technologies to provide the most complete molding services to our customers. If you’d like to learn more about our custom molding capabilities or have a part or product that you’d like to discuss, call us today at (724) 728-7440.