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Custom Urethane Products molded to your specifications.

Cast urethane products from prototyping to contract manufacturing.


Entrust all of your rubber, polyurethane and silicone needs to the customer-focused Q-Cast team and our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We have the capacity, experience and expertise to handle a wide variety of challenging production demands and specific customer needs. That includes everything from preliminary tooling design, advanced preparation of metal, aluminum and plastic cores, casting of polyurethane, rubber and silicone to the final phase of precise and high quality machine finishing.


Our extensive inventory includes virtually every kind of urethane, rubber, and silicone product. Plus we can mold your urethane parts using liquid open cast, compression molding, injection molding, and transfer molding techniques to meet all of your unique engineering requirements and detailed specifications.

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Please contact us for more information and answers to all your polyurethane/urethane, rubber, and silicone parts questions. We are a leading provider of dependable parts to industries including (but not limited to) automotive, communications, construction, gas and oil drilling, exploration, nuclear power generation, glass and steel manufacturing.

Custom Urethane Solutions

Over 35 years in the custom urethane business.

Q-Cast has an outstanding 35-year reputation for specialized customer service within the custom urethane business. We are ready to help you create customized products that meet your every need.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team will be there every step of the way, from the inception and conceptual design stage all the way through the final process.

Every member of our team takes great pride in providing you with fully functioning, highly durable finished products that meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.


Rubber and Silicone Products

Molding rubber and silicone products.

Q-Cast has the skill and capability to fulfill all of your molded rubber and silicone product needs, using both transfer mold and compression mold techniques.

(For more information about our rubber and silicon molding methods, please refer to the Services page.)



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